Fall Wrap up

Geez, where did the fall go? We had a great fall full of practice and competition. Unfortunately, I didn’t update this site after our two major fall events. I meant too but both weekends were busy and it seems like I’m rolling from one major project to the next. Why is it the older we get the busy we get? Someone answer that for me!

We did have an amazing few weeks of competition. At the ITA/Regional Championships we had a whopping 6 players make the final 8! Congratulations to Ben Kirsh (Finalist), Chase Friedman (Semi-finalist), Daniel Foster (Quarters), Zach Hewlin (Quarters), Petar Jivkov (Quarters), Gary Ho (Quarters). Also shout out to Alex Hwang who won the backdraw. And finally Robert Carter and Jake Hoeger made the finals of the doubles. That is an impressive list of players who had a major impact on the tournament!

Over Oct break I took 8 players to Boise for the Dar Walters Classic. This was an amazing opportunity as out of 15 schools participating we were the only D3 program. Lots of great tennis in a very beautiful town. Besides tennis we had some unique experiences including ice blocking down the BEST hill ever, dinner in historic Hyde park, and hitting on public grass courts. Big thanks to the Sue and Bill Myer, Laura and Andy Steno, Barry and Margie Zamsow, and Coach Greg Patton for hosting us!

Scary Corn Maze…Nish is trembling with fear
That is what 20 pounds of brisket looks like!

To wrap up the fall we just a weekend that included – the Walla Walla Corn Maze (haunted maze and only two 1st year players screamed and ran for cover), Bowling, and a dinner feast that included 20 pounds of beef brisket that I smoked/cooked for nearly 24 hours! Yummy stuff.

With the fall season done the guys are focusing on strength training and captains practices. We have a very busy spring schedule and everyone is excited and pumped for the upcoming season.

Oh man it’s tournament time. Last night was the qualifying of the ITA tournament hosted at Whitman. Had a bunch of great matches last night. Whitman ended up getting a whopping 15 players in the main draw and 7 doubles teams in the draw. Below is the link to the updated draws.




2016 Blue Mountain Challenge

Tradition … it’s the glue that holds programs and people together. I’m a big believer in traditions and one of my favorite opening year traditions is the Blue Mountain Challenge. As a team we walk/jog/run up an old road leading into the Blue Mountains. Its a 2 mile uphill grind that ends at the Washington-Oregon Border. Big congratulations to Zach and Gary who ran the entire challenge! They join Conor Holton-Burke as the only players that have ran the entire challenge!

This year’s BMC had a slight twist. Normally after the BMC we head out for a team dinner. This year, due to some Friday afternoon classes, we got a late start and wouldn’t get down until dusk. I figured this gave me another opportunity to test out my cooking skills. With some advice and guidance from Chef Andrae (of Andre Kitchen) I decided to smoke/bbq a pork shoulder and beef brisket. First off I used some of Andrae’s special homemade pork rub (thanks Andrae!) and used his advice on seasoning the brisket (shhh it’s a secret). I let the meat sit in the fridge for almost 10 hours letting the seasonings do their magic. Then I moved them to my trustee Traeger and smoked them from 11pm until 7am. In the morning I added a bit heat raising the temp to 220 and let them cook until 3pm (about 16 hours of cooking). Wrapped all up tight in foil and transported in a color along with some salads, chips and watermelon for dinner in the Blues.

I’m pretty critical of my cooking but the meat was absolutely amazing. Best I have done and I’m looking forward to trying it again!

Have a great weekend!

Serving 5-4 in the 3rd