Last night we had our annual pumpkin carving competition. This is always a fun evening where the team comes together, carves pumpkins and enjoys a nice coach cooked dinner. We also have a tradition where my kids (Ben 14 and Anna 10) pick their favorite pumpkin. Needless to say over the years this has lead to some heating pumpkin carving competitions. This year the field was down a bit as I rescheduled the dinner on short notice so not everyone could make the event. Plus it seems that everyone doubles up to create a single pumpkin..I miss the days where we would have 10-12 pumpkins at the end of the night.

That being said the three pumpkins this year were incredible! Someone pointed out the fact that the team’s pumpkin carving skills have been improving each year — I couldn’t agree more! The winner of the Ben prize for technical carving goes to Matt Tesmond and Andy Riggs for their Jack Skellington (little did they know that a “Nightmare before Christmas” is a Northam favorite), Anna’s prize for artistic carving goes to Colton Malesovas and James Rivers for their Thundercats. I must add that Jennifer is a Hunger Games fan and was smitten by Mockingbird carving by Conor Holton-Burke and Noah Lee.

Click the Photo below to open a slide show from the evening (check out the photos of Matt using different power tools!).

Click picture to open a slide show