Fall wrap up part #1

I feel bad that it has been so long since I updated the blog. Summer camps ran into the fall and the start of the school year. Some other personal duties took up all my free time in September and I had little time for writing & updating the blog.

With this update it’s probably best to start with the most recent and work backwards.

Four Day Break

With Whitman’s four day break falling on the heels of ITA Nationals in Sumter, SC I was able to take a couple days of R&R and hiked into Hell’s Canyon for a couple days of steelhead fishing. Amazing rugged and beautiful country. What a great way to get a way for a couple days and catch some nice fish!


I know this has nothing to do with Whitman Tennis BUT I had to write something so I could share a nice picture!

ITA Nationals

After coming home late Sunday night from the Boise State Tournament (more on this later) I left Monday afternoon with Zach Hewlin and Jake Hoeger for the ITA Small College National Tournament in Sumter, SC. Since Jake had a class presentation Monday afternoon we booked a red-eye flight out of Seattle Monday night. This allowed us to leave campus at 4pm and make the last flight out of Seattle.

As we found out traveling from Walla Walla to Sumter isn’t easy nor direct. Even though we had a direct flight from Seattle to Atlanta we still had to connect to Columbia SC and then drive an hour to Sumter, SC. The nice thing about leaving Monday afternoon is it allowed us to sleep (a bit on the flight) and set our internal clocks to east coast time. It also […]

Phalkun plays in the Davis Cup!

Whitman tennis alum Phalkun Mam (2007) just sent out a report of his Davis Cup experience playing for Cambodia. Huge congratulations to Phalkun for winning singles and doubles matches in the Davis Cup! If the powerpoint slides are difficult to read try viewing the file here

Phalkun also included this write up of the Cambodia Davis Cup program. For easier viewing click here.

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NCAA team recap

So I’m a bit behind on my postings! It’s the end of the season and we have been traveling a bit so please forgive me.

For the team NCAAs we traveled back to St Louis to play at Washington University. Must say we had a great time in Saint Louis. The Wash U folks were great hosts and put on a first class event. How about this for an example? For our first round matches Wash U opted to play off site at Dwight Davis Park so we could play University of the South at the main site. Again great hosts and hats off to Coach Follmer and the Wash U crew for putting on a first class event.

As the #2 seed in the bracket we had a bye which can be a blessing or a curse. The past few years it has been a curse as our first match (the semis) has always been a tough one and we never got a chance to play a match to find our groove.

This year we played a very good University of the South team whose roster is made up of a 4-star and 3-stars. We knew it was going to be a tough match but fortunately we rose to the occasion. After a bit of a slow start in doubles we ended up sweeping and then got quick wins at #5 and #6 (Petar and James) to give us the 5-0 win.

In the round of 16 we locked up with the hosts and #2 team in the nation Washington University. In doubles we took a quick loss at #3 (James/Steven) but fortunately #1 (Andrew/Colton) defeated one of the top teams in the country to make the […]

NWC Champions!

Wow at this point in the season all the weeks are a blur as we are getting near the finish line. Been a busy couple weeks for the Whitties and I’m sorry for the lack of updates.

Two weeks ago we played our final regular season home matches against Linfield (Fri) and Willamette (Sat). It was great to send the seniors off on a positive note BUT incredibly disappointing that neither Linfield nor Willamette could field a full a team. In fact Willamette only brought up 4 players .. not even enough players for our five seniors to play against!

Last week started the week off on an emotional high note. As I’ve discussed a few times on this blog we start every week off by awarding the “yellow jersey”. Everyone nominates a player they feel showed great leadership during the previous week.  Once we get together in a group to start practice those that nominated the winner have to say why. This week senior Atanas Atanasov (Nasko) was so caught up in the emotion of receiving this award from his teammates that he broke down into tears .. and in the process made most of the team get very weepy (I must admit I shed a few tears). Well earned Nasko!

Big event for the week was hosting the NWC Tennis Tournament. By virtue of winning the regular season conference title we received the #1 seed and earned the honor of hosting the tournament.

Friday morning we opened our conference tournament campaign against #4 seeds Lewis Clark College. Even though we had beaten the Pioneers twice this year the match wasn’t without drama as NWC Player of the Year suffered a foot injury and wasn’t able to […]

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    Week in review — crossing a dam, rafting, camping and a few matches!

Week in review — crossing a dam, rafting, camping and a few matches!

Wow it’s been a crazy busy week and I didn’t have much time to do any writing. Plus now that I’m getting older I’m not sure how much I remember from the past week!

After a 2-week break from competitive match play we again took to the courts the weekend of April 5 & 6 for conference matches against Lewis Clark and George Fox. Saturday we defeated the #4 team in the conference 8-1. Our only loss was at #1 where Colton dropped a close three-setting against LC’s talented freshman Michael Brewer. On Sunday we made the trek to Newberg and defeated the Bruins 9-0.
What I mainly remember about the weekend was our pizza buffet at a nearby Family Fun Center with tennis alumni Dr. Clifford Mah (’99). Not only were we treated to an all you can eat dinner but had access to all activities at the Family Fun Center. Highlight for the night was when the entire team (and only the team) had access to the go cart race track. First round of racing was pretty mellow with some occasional bumping and passing (dang you Will for spinning me out!). The second time was pure chaos — anything and everything was in play! Bumping, crashing, passing, fist pumping you name it — basically pure chaos. In this race I certainly had my game face on and was the CLEARLY the best driver! Let’s go coach!

There was also some 2 vs 2 mini golf competitions but I don’t remember too much about the games. I think Parker and I lost by a couple strokes but who was REALLY counting….?
Dr. Mah thanks for the amazing evening of food and fun!

Take away points from the Portland […]

Spring Break Recap

What’s not to like about a two-week spring break? The team had a solid week of play (well, actually – two weeks with CMS, Trinity, UC Santa Cruz on campus early in the month) and now a week of much-needed R & R! The only drawback is that I’ve been too busy with the R & R part to update the blog…sorry, but this is going to be a long post!

Chapter 1 – Women’s Basketball and The Best Volunteer Ever!

We started off spring break with matches in Tacoma against conference opponents PLU and UPS. Since we were near SeaTac airport, I arranged the schedule so we could play our conference matches and then fly to California for our next set of matches. I even arranged for good friend and Whitman Cross Country coach Scott Shields to travel with us so that he could bring the Whitman turtletop van back to campus. However, our amazing women’s basketball team threw a wrench into my carefully crafted plans. Because our women’s basketball team is so amazing, they were selected to host the first two weekends of the NCAA tournament! Such an awesome experience for the women’s team and they made the most of it, advancing all the way to the National Championship finals where they lost to FDU. Their run to the finals was even more special for our team since they are our sister team and we do a lot of activities together.

Since women’s basketball was hosting, Scott, who is a senior athletic administrator, had to stay on campus for the games. On very short notice (two days) the BEST volunteer EVER Tom Sawatzki made the trip with us. Tom is also the coordinator for our […]

What a weekend!

Wow a weekend! We were so incredibly fortunate to have some of the best D3 tennis in the nation happening on campus and on the new outdoor courts. Our weekend started with a noon match against Pacific University. In my mind this was the most important match of the weekend. I knew Pacific is very good this year and since we only play them once (thank you NWC for the silly round-robin and half concept) I knew this match would determine who would be crowned NWC Champion and host the conference tournament. We started off tight in this match. We didn’t play well — we struggled to find our rhythm, struggled to return in doubles, and struggled completing matches. In the end we finished with a 6-3 victory with loses at #1 doubles and #5 and #6 singles.

Following the match we moved indoors  to take on #6 Trinity Texas. If there was a silver-lining in the Pacific match it was that we had worked out some nerves and started off much stronger in doubles. We played very solid doubles winning #1 (Colton/Andrew) 8-5 and #3 (James/Steven) 8-3. Trinity took #2 doubles 8-4. In the early part of the singles we had all the momentum and  it looked like we were going to roll through Trinity. We were up 2-1, had won the first sets at #1, #4, and were up 5-2 at #2. Trinity once again proved they are a great group of competitors and swung the momentum in the match. Their #2 player (who was the #1 player in the nation last year) came back to win the 1st set in a breaker. And their #1 player turned up his game to an […]

Weekend recap

Someone once told me it’s always better to look forward than backwards. I suppose that’s why I did a weekend preview story before I posted a recap story. Actually it has been a wonderful week for the Whitties and last night (at least for me) was the BEST part of the week. Last evening I had the privilege of watching Nasko tackle the role of Hamlet on the Alexander stage at Harper Joy Theatre. Nasko was absolutely amazing and it’s easy to see why the Whitman theater department picked him to play one of Shakespeare’s most tragic and most important characters. He commanded the stage and audience with his presence and passion. Both my wife and I got teary eyed when he, and he alone, took the final bow in front a standing audience. On a personal note last night was one of those moments when I’m once again reminded how lucky I am to be working with, coaching, and developing life-long friendships with so many wonderful men. Nasko — bravo you are simply amazing!

“To be or not to be” the NWC Player of the Week? Once again a Whittie was named NWC Player of the Week. Congratulations to Colton for receiving this award. He went 3-0 over the weekend at #1 singles and #1 doubles.

James was recognized by his teammates for his efforts this week and will wear the Yellow Jersey for the rest of the week. Kudos to James. This year he has struggled to find his game and over the weekend things started to snap back into place. It’s been a semester of hard work and frustration for James but he has handled it with incredible maturity and resolve. I don’t think […]

Spring Break Walla Walla Style

First off here is some valuable information for the upcoming weekend.

Weather forecast looks great for this weekend (what a change from snow and ice on Monday) with a predicted high of 63 on Saturday! If the weather holds here is the schedule for what the bloggers are calling “Spring Break Walla Walla”.

Friday noon Whitman vs Pacific (outdoors)
Friday not before 4pm Whitman vs Trinity (indoors). After the Pacific match Whitman will get an hour break for dinner before the evening match.
Saturday 10am Trinity vs UC Santa Cruz (outdoors)
Saturday not before 1pm Whitman vs CMS (outdoors). This match will start about 30 minutes after the 10am match
Saturday not before 5pm CMS vs Trinity (indoors). CMS will have an hour dinner break before starting the evening match
Sunday 8am Whitman vs UCSC (weather depending)
Sunday immediately following UCSC vs CMS (weather depending)

If the weather is poor the first match each day will start at 8am and matches will progress during the day.

Here are the indoor livestream links for the weekend (we don’t have the capability to stream from the outdoor courts)

court 1 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192952/events/2818488
court 2 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192971/events/2818493
court 3 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7193039/events/2818498
court 4 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7194245/events/2818501

Needless to say we are all incredibly excited about this weekend. Not since I started the National Indoors all those many years ago has there been this many ranked teams at Whitman. I’m also thrilled to be using our new and amazing outdoor courts this weekend. It’s the perfect scenario: some of the best teams in the nation coming to play on one of the best new tennis facilities in the nation. I know I’m biased, but our courts are absolutely beautiful and feature unbelievable viewing from all angles. I’m also looking forward to the potential of livestreaming the indoor evening matches. Division 3 tennis […]

Livestream for Sunday

Here are the livestream addresses for Sunday’s match against Lewis Clark College

Court #1 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192952/events/2809269

Court #2 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192971/events/2809272

Court #3 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7193039/events/2809274

Court #4 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7194245/events/2809276

Link to scoring http://goo.gl/HoSJzb

Note matches start on the following courts:

#1 on court 3

#2 on court 2

#3 on court 4

#4 on court 1