Walla Walla Finalist for West’s Food Town!



(WALLA WALLA, Wash.)—Walla Walla has been named one of four finalists in the Best Food Town category of Sunset Magazine’s first-ever Travel Awards, adding to a growing list of accolades the capital of Washington wine country has received for its culinary prowess in recent years.


Singled out for its many culinary amenities – from the iconic Walla Walla Sweet Onion to acclaimed restaurants and distinguished chefs, as well as its abundance of local farms and ranches – Walla Walla joins three other cities nominated for the award from 13 western States, British Columbia and Alberta.


The Best Food Town award, according to Sunset, “honors a western city or town for offering a consummate culinary experience, with a collection of restaurants, markets and other food offerings that make it a destination for foodies of all ages.”


“Part of what makes Walla Walla an outstanding place to visit is the quality and diversity of our culinary scene,” said Ron Peck, executive director of Tourism Walla Walla. “While the roots of our culinary traditions began more than 100 years ago with the Walla Walla Sweet Onion – the official vegetable of Washington state – we have transformed into a destination in which restaurants, chefs, community events, wineries, and education have combined to create a thriving food culture.”


The winning Food Town, determined by a 12-member advisory board, will be announced in May and featured in the June 2015 issue of Sunset.


Walla Walla’s food scene has been gaining national recognition in recent years. In both 2012 and 2013, Walla Walla was named a finalist in the Best Small Town For Food […]

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Yellow Jersey #2

The second yellow jersey of the year goest to Phillip Locklear! All the guys mentioned what an awesome competitor he is and how hard he works on and off the court. Without a doubt, Phil has been a wonderful (amazing) addition to the team!


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Welcome Sean Alves

Super excited to have Sean Alves joining the team this semester. Sean was one of the best players in Northern California and we are excited to have be part of the Whitman tennis family!


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Advice from alumns

I asked members of the alumni tennis family to send a note back to the team about the season … advice, thoughts, memories etc. Here are some of the responses:

Enjoy this time.  Enjoy the hard work on the days you don’t feel like practicing.  Enjoy the bond of being a teammate on those long van trips.  Enjoy the time you spend sitting around in between matches in places like Lewiston or Ellensburg and you are stuck doing your homework.  Enjoy the battles you have on the court, including the great wins and even the heartbreaking losses.  If possible, try to not take any of these experiences for granted.  And don’t do this because this is as good as it gets or life after college isn’t great – it is great, even better in my opinion.  Do it because you are living a unique time in your life and you are doing something unique.  Do it because this is the one time you will experience the type of brotherhood you are enjoying right now.  Do it because you will remember many years into the future the effort and determination you are choosing now to put into every practice, match and relationship that is part of your time on the Whitman Tennis team.  So work hard, but enjoy it.  By doing this, I know you will make the Whitman community and your teammates proud.  And most importantly, you will make yourselves proud.  Good luck this year.
Dear Fighting Squirrels,The other day, I told coach to let you guys know how lucky you are to have another season of Whitman tennis to look forward to, but he just told me to write you guys a letter. Hours at […]

First yellow jersey of the year goes to …

Jacob Christensen!
Normally the team votes on the yellow jersey. However since yesterday was our first practice of the year I gave out the first yellow jersey of the year. So this “coach’s award” goes to Jacob who had a great academic semester. The team had an outstanding first semester (3.2 team GPA) and Jacob had the greatest improvement on the team.

Keep up the great work Jacob!

On relationships a letter from Dr Ball Jan, 1998

Teachers often get so used to talking that they often do not know how to stop. That’s all too true of me. Aware of this, I cannot resist the temptation to offer a few ideas to you, the members of Whitman men’s and women’s tennis teams whom I have come to know and enjoy.

For 37 years I have maintained a close relationship with Whitman’s tennis players, and it pleases my soul to say that I have rarely seen bad or even poor sportsmanship. Thus the following remarks are general, totally lacking of any personal reference. To me, the tennis court is not simply a place for an athletic event. It is a stage on which a large part of what is to be the theme of one’s life is acted out. It is almost certain that what you are on the tennis court is what you will be as a friend, as a husband or wife, and in your professional life.

It is on the tennis court that one creates or exhibits a response to danger and defeat, to tiredness, to surprise or bad luck, and also to bad behavior as one confronts it in a cantankerous opponent. All of these experiences have their precise parallels in ordinary life. One is similarly tested as to his or her capacity to care for the welfare of the team instead of being absorbed in one’s private progress. The care and self-discipline that one employs in preparation for the tennis match is likely to be the same that will be used in getting ready to face life’s larger roles.

To be specific, it is my hope that anyone whom you play against would finish the match having enjoyed playing with you (regardless of the outcome), because of the way you treated him or her. There are some people whom you will not […]

Another note from Dr Ball, April 1999

Dear Jeff,

After yesterday’s loss to Willamette, something in me wants to write a note to the men on the tennis team. If you think it is helpful in any way, you could forward it on to them.

To the Whitman Men’s Tennis Team.

After the loss to Willamette yesterday I felt disappointed and sad. However, this feeling was not because the team lost but because I know the loss would make you disappointed and sad, too. For that I am sorry, for you have worked so hard this year and won many matches by sheer persistence and courage. Naturally, like you, I was hoping for victory in this last match, for it would have closed out the conference dual meets without defeat.

Even so, I suspect that you are not crushed in spirit, for you probably already know how to respond to both victory and defeat. The fact is that in one sense they are both the same. Both have good and bad aspects.

Victory can be destructive for it can lead to conceit and complacency, both of which tend to cut off further efforts to improve. Defeat is also destructive, for it can lead to loss of confidence, withdrawal and discouragement. Either victory or defeat can do you damage, if they are allowed to, or they can lead to improvement, if properly interpreted.

Some people experience the negative aspects of defeat even without competing, by fearing losing. I have encountered college students who would not ask a girl for a date, for fear of being turned down, and men who would not permit themselves to fall in love, fearing that the girl might change her mind. If one can manage and use rejection and defeat, then that person […]

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Letter from Dr. Ball Sept 29, ’07

Sept 29, ’07

Dear Jeff,

I am leaving town tomorrow on a trip with my wife to Cambodia and Viet Nam and will be back of October 17, but I don’t want to leave without a word of big congratulation for the performance of your team a week ago. It was the most impressive total sweep I think I have ever seen at Whitman in my 47 years here. Do inform the members of the team that it seems to me that they have achieved an historic accomplishment, more impressive than any other that I can recall. – It is an additional lift to think that it is a young team and that I will be able to witness more of their attainments. It brings to mind the conference tennis championship tournament of 1964, if I remember the year right, when up at Spokane the team won the title, when no Whitman player lost except to another Whitman player, but that was easier, it involved only 5 Whitman players. (back in the days when the matches involved only 5 singles. And two doubles).

Naturally, I would like to know some of the present team better and how they look at life and tennis.. So do offer them this invitation to drop by my office, which is room 110A in the basement of Memorial. I know that they are all very busy, so I would be happy if they could only spare say up to 15 minutes. — When my garden freezes, I will be able to watch more of your practice sessions, and of course home matches.

Very best wishes to all,

George Ball


Going through old files today and ran across this hand typed letter from the one and […]

Class of 2014 Poster

ITA Rankings

The D3 tennis national and regional rankings came out last week and Whitman is well represented in both rankings. While it’s certainly nice to be ranked these are the “fall results” which are based off of last year’s standings and the fall ITA regional tournaments.

Team Rankings

#13 National

#4 in West

Singles National

#17 Zach Hewlin

#23 Colton Malesovas

Singles Regional

#5 Zach Hewlin

#7 Colton Malesovas

#14 Gary Ho

Doubles National

#9 Jake Hoeger/Zach Hewlin

#17 Colton Malesovas/James Rivers

Doubles Regional

#3 Jake Hoeger/Zach Hewlin

#5 Colton Malesovas/James/Rivers

#14 Petar Jivkov/Robert Carter








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