What a weekend!

Wow a weekend! We were so incredibly fortunate to have some of the best D3 tennis in the nation happening on campus and on the new outdoor courts. Our weekend started with a noon match against Pacific University. In my mind this was the most important match of the weekend. I knew Pacific is very good this year and since we only play them once (thank you NWC for the silly round-robin and half concept) I knew this match would determine who would be crowned NWC Champion and host the conference tournament. We started off tight in this match. We didn’t play well — we struggled to find our rhythm, struggled to return in doubles, and struggled completing matches. In the end we finished with a 6-3 victory with loses at #1 doubles and #5 and #6 singles.

Following the match we moved indoors  to take on #6 Trinity Texas. If there was a silver-lining in the Pacific match it was that we had worked out some nerves and started off much stronger in doubles. We played very solid doubles winning #1 (Colton/Andrew) 8-5 and #3 (James/Steven) 8-3. Trinity took #2 doubles 8-4. In the early part of the singles we had all the momentum and  it looked like we were going to roll through Trinity. We were up 2-1, had won the first sets at #1, #4, and were up 5-2 at #2. Trinity once again proved they are a great group of competitors and swung the momentum in the match. Their #2 player (who was the #1 player in the nation last year) came back to win the 1st set in a breaker. And their #1 player turned up his game to an […]

Livestream for Sunday

Here are the livestream addresses for Sunday’s match against Lewis Clark College

Court #1 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192952/events/2809269

Court #2 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192971/events/2809272

Court #3 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7193039/events/2809274

Court #4 https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7194245/events/2809276

Link to scoring http://goo.gl/HoSJzb

Note matches start on the following courts:

#1 on court 3

#2 on court 2

#3 on court 4

#4 on court 1

livestream links

Court 1  (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192952/events/2806229)

Court 2 (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7192971/events/2773205)

Court 3 (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7193039/events/2806249)

Court 4 (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7194245/events/2806254)

And big congratulations to senior Andy Riggs who was named NWC Tennis Pla

Tigers, Stags, and Slugs Oh my — 2014 schedule

So very excited about the 2014 schedule — we play 12 of the top 20 teams in the West! Additionally we have national powerhouses  CMS (#2), Trinity TX (#8), and Santa Cruz (#12) all coming to Walla Walla in March!!!!!


This is linked on the top menu at www.whitmantennis.net


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Yes..new courts!!!!

First off kudos to the fantastic Whitman women’s team who clinched yet another ITA/USTA regional singles and doubles champions in Portland over the weekend. We hope to bottle their momentum and use this coming weekend!

Yesterday was one of the BEST days of my coaching career. Since I first stepped foot on the Whitman campus (as a student) I have loved the college. And as a tennis player one the most magical parts of Whitman is the location of the tennis courts. I’ve been fortunately to play and coach on many college campus and I’ve never seen a better location that the Whitman courts. The courts sit in the middle of campus, flanked by Ankeny field, the library and the Memorial building (clock tower).  The courts literally sit in the hub of the campus.

This past year the college made the commitment to completely rebuild the existing four courts AND add two additional courts. This is absolutely huge for our tennis programs. We can now play full matches on our outdoor courts and have room to spread out for practices. Coupled with our amazing indoor courts Whitman now has some of the best tennis facilities in the nation.

Unfortunately some early summer rains put the project behind schedule but yesterday we had the ceremonially opening of the courts and the team got to hit on them for the first time.

Wow! These courts are awesome. Complete new construction and the court surface is a gritty Deco-Turf base. This is the same surface they use at the US Open (most courts use a cheaper base).

Still work to be done. As you can see in the photos they are still working to line the new courts, finishing fencing, complete the […]

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Photos from blackberry picking

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Tennis and Wine Camps gain national following

For year’s I had been thinking about a camp that combined Walla Walla’s booming wine industry, amazing food, and tennis. Best of all this camp would be a fund raiser for the Whitman College tennis programs!

With the help of good friends Tom Sawatski, John Hein (Whitman women’s coach) and Greg Patton (Boise State men’s coach) we got the camp off the ground a couple years ago. Two years ago we started with one camp that had 12 campers. Fast forward to this summer were we sold out three camps and had to add a fourth camp to keep up with demand. These camps have been a HUGE hit with the clients. High quality tennis with college coaches each morning, all the meals are provided, great wine and food, and the staff takes care of all the driving. Really its 8am to 10pm each day of amazing fun.

This year  we have had some great national press: a write-up in the travel magazine AAA, a mention in a Wall Street Journal article about summer camps for adults (we were one of three sports camps mentioned). And earlier this week Harper’s Bazaar named Tennis and Wine Camps one of the top 6 “chic” summer get-a-ways for adults.

These camps have been an amazing journey and I’ve been fortunate to make so many new wonderful friends and work with an amazing group of friends.

To learn more about these camps visit our webpage and like the facebook page (we update the facebook page often)

Tennis and Wine Camp Web Page

Tennis and Wine Camp Facebook Page

Again these camps are a fund raiser for Whitman tennis programs!

Pictures from Diamond Head

Just realized I have a bunch of pictures on my camera from our HI trip. Here is a gallery of our afternoon trip up diamond head. Click the photo to open a slide show.

Hawaii Day 1

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North Shore Pictures

Finally able to upload some pictures! Here are some pictures from the north shore.

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