I have a tradition. At the start of each academic year, following the Saturday morning registration, I have an outdoor adventure. In the coming months, my weekends are consumed with college responsibilities and tennis activities so this is literally my last chance for an outdoor adventure.

I’ve been thinking about camping on an exposed ridge in the Blue Mountains about 30 miles from Walla Walla. Not an ideal campsite, but it has a glorious view of the north fork canyon. I packed up the truck (and Wally) for a quick overnight. Nothing fancy or too much gear since I was planning on sleeping in the back of the truck and heading out in the early morning.

I quickly learned the problem of camping on an exposed ridge THE WIND. Huge winds the entire time I was camped. It also got cold! In the middle of the night I had close up the truck as it was getting cold and both myself and Wally where shivering.

Morning was not the view I had hoped for … instead of a view of the beautiful valley the ridge was cloud covered. At 6am it was 42 degrees but felt much colder with the moisture in the air and the high winds.

Lesson learned – forget the view, exposed ridges can make for horrible camping!


Adobe Link to timelapse