Team takes big strides to clinching 4th straight NWC title.

This past weekend was a special and unique coaching weekend. Yes the team went 3-0 and moved one step closer to one of our goals of winning the NWC title. But more interesting was that my 8 year old daughter made the road trip with the team to Portland. I honestly can’t remember seeing her so excited (with the exception of Christmas). All week all she could talk about was going on a trip with the team. When I woke her up Friday morning she jumped out of bed and rushed upstairs to start her morning because it was the big day. Was a lot of fun watching the team interact with her — she had 12 big brothers who were willing to playing catch, run around after her, and/or carrying her around. It was a weekend she will remember for a long time!

Portland Trip Part 1

What a fun trip to Portland. Even though we didn’t play until today we decided to travel to Forest Grove, OR on Friday night to watch our basketball teams play Pacific. I would like to think we gave our women’s basketball team a bit of lift. I’m not sure if it was the very loud cheering or the shock of seeing the men’s tennis team with “Missionaries!” painted across their chests but whatever it was the women’s team a 22-0 run once we arrived at the gym! By virtual of the win the women clinched the #4 seed in the upcoming conference tournament. We stayed on to cheer on the men’s team but unfortunately they dropped a heart breaker. Congratulations to Coach Ferenz and Coach Bridgeland — both have done a tremendous with the Whitman basketball programs. The women finished the year as the #4 team in the conference and the men finished #2!

Today (Sunday) was a long, cold day of tennis. This morning we started off playing Pacific University at their covered courts. It was certainly chilly in the morning — in fact, high during temp during the match was 42 with a wind chill of 39!!!! Fortunately going into the weekend we knew it was going to be cold so everyone brought heavy jackets, gloves and long underwear.

The cold weather wasn’t our only problem today. We played a much improved Pacific team in their covered facility. The Pacific facility features three covered courts but the screens surrounding the courts are normal windscreens. With a covered roof and normal wind screens around the courts the lighting is very strange. The layout makes tracking the ball very difficult — almost like watching […]

Day one of ITA Regionals

Just wrapped up day one of the ITA regional tournament. Those that follow college tennis know this is a special event. It is the only time all year that players are put into one singles and one doubles draw. Makes for a very fun event. Our players have been looking forward to this event since the start of the school year.
We brought 11 players and have 8 into the round of 16. Even more impressive is that all 5 of our doubles teams are into the quarter finals! Its too late for a full write up but here are the results.
Matt Tesmond
1st round defeat Justin McClain (George Fox) 6-4, 7-5
2nd round lost #1 seed Mark Magdaong (Linfield) 6-3, 6-4
Conor Holton Burke (#6 seed)
1st round defeated Micah Spaun (Whitworth)
2nd round defeated Troy Zuroske (Pacific) 6-1, 6-4
Quin Miller
1st round defeated Michael Tieu (UPS)
2nd round defeated #4 seed Michael Baumgartner (Willamette) 7-6, 7-5
Anatas Anatasov
1st Round defeated Tim Wagar (Linfield)
2nd round lost #13 Seed Daniel Redfern (Whitworth)
Etienne Moshevich #7 seed
1st round defeated Will Cooper (Willamette)
2nd round defeated Josiah Jackson (George Fox)
Andrew La Cava #16 Seed
1st round def Michell Davidson (Linfield)
2nd round def Neal Berg (PLU)
Sam Sadeghi
1st round def #12 seed Tal Dewitt (Linfield) 6-0, 6-1
2nd round def Eric Furuya (Pacific) 6-1, 6-2
Jeff Tolman #3 seed
1st round def Colin Barett (Whitworth) 6-3, 6-4
2nd round def Taylor Dickey (PLU) 6-3, 6-0
Steve Roston
1st Round def Brian Burger UPS
2nd Round def #15 seed Brent Kingzett (Linfield) 6-2, 7-6
Chris Bailey #9 seed
1st round def Hector Alcayde (Pacific)
2nd Henry Williams (Whitworth) 6-2, 6-0
Will Huskey
1st round def Jose Reque-Martinez (Pacific)
2nd round lost #2 seed Josh Wong (willamette) 6-2, 6-1
1st round def Wager/Dewitt (Linfield) 8-6
2nd round def Massey/Wales (Whitworth) 8-6
Holton-Burker/La Cava #5 seed
1st round def Burger/Murphy […]